Pie Baking Masterclass & Retreat - sold out!

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pie baking masterclass

I'm so excited to announce that this October 14-15, Susan Spungen and I are hosting a two-day Pie Baking Masterclass and Retreat in East Hampton!

We will gather at Susan’s light-filled home in Long Island during one of the most beautiful times of year to bake, harvest, share farm fresh meals, and most importantly demystify homemade pie crust so you can impress all of your friends and family this holiday season and hone those skills you’ve always longed to master.

All skill levels are welcome. This will be a perfect opportunity to enjoy fall on Eastern Long Island and polish your skills so you feel confident in your holiday pie baking and pie crust skills.


  • Baking Lessons - We will each demonstrate our favorite pie crust techniques both by hand and using a food processor, and show you how we use them in sweet and savory treats all season long. We’ll cover the basics, like proper rolling technique, how to use a French rolling pin, how to keep your dough at the right temperature, how to pick up dough to transfer it, and so much more! We’ll show you blind baking techniques, decorative pie crusts, and traditional lattice topped pies. Then we will let you loose in the kitchen to bake your own pie or galette to take home. You will receive one-on-one instruction from each of us.
  • Farm Visits - Fall in the Northeast is a beautiful and abundant time in the orchards and fields. We will visit a local pick-your-own apple orchard for perfect baking apples, have dinner at Amber Waves, and stop by Quail Hill Farm for greens and herbs to make into savory galettes.

  • Fresh Seasonal Meals - We will gather together around the table for one breakfast, two lunches, apertivo hour, one dinner, and snacks along the way all made from fresh local ingredients.

  • Photography and Styling - While this isn’t a photography workshop specifically, we will all want to share our creations so we’ll spend a bit of time photographing our beautiful work to share on social media and chatting with Julie Resnick of @thefeedfeed, who will join us for a meal.

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Spring Things on Toast

favas on toast | apt 2b baking co
spring toast | apt 2b baking co
spring toast | apt 2b baking co
spring toasts | apt 2b baking co
spring toast | apt 2b baking co
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spring toast | apt 2b baking co

Spring is all about delicate greens and pinks returning to the market. Soft herbs and lettuces, rhubarb, strawberries, and radishes all fall into this color story and all make wonderful toppings for thick slices of perfectly toasted bread- which just happens to be one of my favorite food groups. 

Head on to the Wolf Gourmet Blog to see the recipes for my ode to Sqirl's famous ricotta and jam toast in Rhubarb and Ricotta form, and a simple and extremely beautiful Smashed Lemony Fava Bean Toast with Herbs and Parmesan. Use the freshest ingredients and the best bread you can find, pre sliced grocery stuff isn't going to cut it for fancy toast time.

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Wolf Gourmet. All opinions are my own. Thanks for supporting the sponsors that make Apt 2B Baking Co possible.