Tartine's Country Bread and a Couple of Links


I've been baking bread. A lot of it and it's because I finally opened the Tartine Bread book I got last Christmas and I am now totally obsessed with it's country loaf. I bake about two loaves a week (save for those crazy weeks of nearly 100º temps) and in order not to actually turn part bread, I always try to give one away to my neighbor. I take a quick photo of most loaves I make, noting differences based on time the dough spends resting, baking time and temperature. It has all been really fun and educational, I highly recommend it.

Chad Robertson's instructions are lengthy and specific so for that reason I am not printing the recipe here, and if you love to bake bread or if you would like to try it you should really spend some time with this book and the author's words, all eleven pages of them.

And a few things

I started writing a weekend baking column for Food52 and the first one is up now. I made a pie, shocking, I know.

Earlier this week I was a guest on Heritage Radio Network's The Food Seen with Michael Harlan Turkell. We chatted about food, photography, and the WWF. Yep, the World Wrestling Federation somehow made it into the conversation. You can listen to the episode HERE.

Last weekend I helped my pal Vanessa with a fun photo shoot.

Have a great weekend!

tartine's country loaf
tartine's country loaf
tartine's country loaf