Some Lovely Links

Happy Galentine's Day! Here are some fun links for your weekend!

I love listening to podcasts while I'm in the kitchen and I am newly obsessed with The Heart, thanks to The Sampler

I have mixed feelings about Valentine's day (restaurants are too busy, too much pressure, let's just love each other all the time, ok?), but I am going to make some morning buns for my Valentine. 

My latest for Food52 is this Naturally Dyed Red Velvet Cake, subbing beets for the red40. Don't worry, it is still slathered in cream cheese frosting.

I am an Olympics junkie and I CANNOT WAIT for Simone Biles to tear it up in Rio. 

There aren't enough heart eye emojis for this cake

A simple, Valentine's classic recipe - Coeur a la Creme

Misty Copeland as Degas' Dancers <3 <3 <3

TBH this is how I would react to that many puppies at once, under any circumstances.

These doughnuts are the Blood Orange Old Fashioneds from my book, all dressed up for Valentine's Day because even though I don't care about the day that much, I love heart shaped foods. 

Speaking of SPRINKLES